By Claire West

The recession has seen many senior-level and highly-experienced business professionals decide to take up offers of redundancy and set themselves up as self-employed freelance advisors.

But what happens when the contract you are bidding for is more than you can handle alone, or requires a greater breadth of expertise and experience?

A new service — Synogis — aims to solve that problem. Founder Richard Ilsley explains that it can be very difficult for freelance advisors to find colleagues to collaborate with. “When you work in a large organisation, usually someone else has done the hard job of recruiting people in other disciplines for you to work with on projects. When you're on your own, you've got to do that job yourself which can be very time consuming and stressful.”

Synogis now has over 150 senior-level consultants and interim managers from a wide range of disciplines in its network. Each has been either recommended by an existing member or has had to demonstrate their expertise, knowledge and skills. Around 30 new consultants are admitted each month.

“We know that each of our consultants can provide professional support to their colleagues and their clients,” added Richard. “Synogis is a resource for the best talent available — a network of seasoned professionals with the experience, knowledge and expertise to take on the toughest of business tasks and advice clients at the highest levels.”