By Ben Simmons

E.ON has launched a new offer for small and medium sized business customers who take its three-year ‘Business Electricity Plan’ contract.

Customers who sign up will receive a free Asus Netbook worth around £2,491, plus E.ON’s Business EnergyManager package which contains an energy monitor and easy to use software to help businesses understand and track their electricity usage.

Iain Walker, Head of Business Sales at E.ON, says: "We know that businesses need all the help they can get with their energy bills right now. That’s why we’ve launched a package that not only offers competitive prices, but also the tools to help businesses get energy fit by really appreciating how and where they’re using energy in the workplace.”

Highlighting the importance for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) to take a proactive approach to energy consumption, research for E.ON, reveals that 87%3 of respondents cite their colleagues approach to energy efficiency as being irresponsible.

With almost nine out of 10 respondents stating their company’s approach to being environmentally friendly affects their workplace happiness, the issue of energy management for SMEs is a top business priority.

To increase the mobility, business customers can also download E.ON’s app to help manage their energy usage and bills on the go. The app is available to residential and business customers and is free to download from the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace.

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