Russell D

Entrepreneurs, your country needs you, with Russell Dalgleish

Today Britain is a country of hero's as those members of our society facing COVID-19 head-on in the Health Service, Care Sector, Supermarkets, Transportation and Council Services etc deserve all our support. They have and will continue to be there for us and our families for at least the rest of this year. But we must also get our fellow citizens back working again, in a world which will be different from what we have known before. In order to drive the UK economy, we will require the innovation, creativity, technological know-how and drive of our entrepreneurs like never before. We must also be cognizant that our markets are now truly global, made so by our accelerated use of technology.

During my talk, I will share with you my thoughts on how entrepreneurialism must develop, where the most likely opportunities are in the world and how you can get your mindset right to optimise the chances of success.

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