By Daniel Hunter

The UK’s Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 will kick off with 30 entrepreneurs and businessmen performing a ‘British Haka for business’ on the steps of the Eros Statue in Piccadilly Circus on Monday 17 November.

The 'Haka for business' is a challenge to overcoming fear and rising to challenges as represented in Haka - traits needed to be a successful global entrepreneur.

The Haka will lead off a week of activities in the UK to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, including Digital Marketing Show and Britain means Business.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen performing the Maori Haka, made famous by the All Black rugby team, has become increasingly popular in Britain with many large corporations like BT and Vodafone (1,400 staff performed the Haka together) taking part.

All have been put through their moves by Manaia/ Hakaworks led by New Zealander and Corporate Lawyer Karl Burrows. He said: “The Haka energises, strengthens and unifies. It’s a scintillating experience”.

Organiser Richard J. Hillgrove VI, said: “Success as an entrepreneur or businessman today can be hindered largely by F.E.A.R (“False Entities Appearing Real”).

“I learnt this from a Maori healer visiting Somerton in Somerset”.

Hillgrove, who is of Danish and Maori descent, added: “The Haka was originally performed by Maori warriors before a battle, enhancing their strength and prowess to intimidate the opposition. Similar to what needs to happen in business in this ever competitive global business arena”.

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