By Marcus Leach

Chris Moss, the man behind the Orange mobile brand, has hailed entrepreneurs as the very people 'who make the country happen' following the launch of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

The awards, to be held on November 19th during Global Entrepreneurship Week, will celebrate all areas of entrepreneurship and enterprise, including a variety of categories for entrepreneurs, enterprise, and champions of entrepreneurs.

And Moss, who as well as founding the Orange mobile brand, masterminded Virgin Atlantic's rise from a single aircraft to renowned global brand, believes that entrepreneurs are the very people who drive the country forward, even if they don't always see themselves as entrepreneurs.

"They are the people that make the country happen," Moss said.

"So many of us are entrepreneurs but we don't use that word, we just think we are in our own business. To me entrepreneurship is about having ideas, yes, but it is also about not saying no. When someone says to you that it can't be done, that isn't an answer to me, it is just a request for more information. It's about not giving up. If something doesn't work, find another way. If that doesn't work, find another way. And keep doing this until it does work.

No stranger to awards himself, having, among others, won awards for 'Airline of the Year', 'Best Airline Inflight Entertainment', 'Brand of the Year', 'Campaign of the Year' and 'Superbrand of the Year', Moss understands the value of recognising and rewarding the nations entrepreneurs. In his eyes we need to do as much as possible to ensure the lessons and skills of entrepreneurs are passed down through the generations.

"The older generation of entrepreneurs should be sharing their experiences and skills with the next generation, because so many of them have the same problems and issues, and once you have cracked them it is a wide open world," he added.

"Good entrepreneurs are people who persevere. They keep on going despite all of the people saying 'it can't be done' and 'it will never work'. So many times I get people who say 'it didn't go so well'. No, it might not have gone so well, but you will have learnt a tremendous number of lessons along the way. The more you learn the more you benefit, and ultimately this is what makes us who we are today."

If anybody should know the power of perseverance it is Moss, and as one of the judges for the awards he is keen to witness the next generation who can follow on from his fine example.

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