By Daniel Hunter

The Government announced yesterday (Monday) that it will increase its infrastructure investment in enterprise zones by £100 million.

Eric Pickles MP, community secretary, revealed that 13 enterprise zones will be receiving new money for projects, which include building service roads, car parking and other infrastructure enhancements, that aim to turn ‘shovel ready sites into job ready sites’.

Five enterprise zones will also receive £24 million through the Department for Transport to alleviate traffic congestion near the sites.

“It is great to see the Government recognising the importance of pumping funds into enterprise zones. Investment to support the increasing number of businesses setting up in these areas is absolutely paramount for them to flourish by attracting customers and local talent," John Freebairn, group director and VP of IT and telecoms repair company Comtek, said.

"If facilities, such as roads and internet, are failing to be provided, companies have little hope of positioning themselves as a viable choice for customers and potential employees. We need to continue creating a business friendly environment to stimulate growth in local economies, to foster social and community development, and this cannot be done without support for businesses from the Government.

“At Comtek, we have had great success in helping to establish Deeside in Wales as an enterprise zone. Businesses are now flocking to the area and entrepreneurship is on the rise, creating the opportunity for local talented people to build successful careers. To support this growth, however, it is critical that the local infrastructure keeps up with development, and doesn’t create an obstacle for new businesses. The 13 chosen zones will no doubt benefit from these funds, but the Welsh Government also needs investment for its own enterprise zones to allow it to continue to contribute to the growth of the wider UK economy.”

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