By Daniel Hunter

Disloyal England fans are shunning the national team in office sweepstakes with a new poll revealing they’d prefer Brazil, Spain and even Germany.

Far from being happy if they were allocated the England team a survey by office experts, found that workers secretly hoped to be given several rival nations including old enemies Germany and Argentina.

More than 700 English office workers were asked which of the 32 countries competing, they hoped to get in their office’s World Cup sweepstake.

Current World Cup champions Spain came top of the list with more than one in five, 20.6%, wanting to pick them out of the hat.

They were closely followed by Brazil with almost a fifth, 19.5%, of England fans hoping to pull the hosts out of the bag.

Just 6.8% of respondents wanted to pick England in the sweepstake bringing them in a disappointing eighth place, beaten by the likes of Argentina, Germany and the Netherlands.

The fans said they were hoping and praying for an England World Cup win but in their heart of hearts they didn’t feel it was very likely.

Out of the 32 countries vying for the World Cup, 23 of them scored no votes at all from the office workers whatsoever, leaving just a top nine.

One fan said: “I’d love England to do it of course but I’ve been watching these tournaments all my life and I’m used to seeing them flop.

“You have to be pretty old now to remember England’s World Cup victory in 1966. Anyone under the age of 60 can’t help feel a bit pessimistic about our chances.”

A spokesman for commented: “Many offices run sweepstakes for the World Cup and everyone hopes they will get the winning country.

“It’s a shame that more than double the people who wanted England wished they got Spain.

“However, judging by England’s recent performances and the fact we haven’t won since 1966, can you really blame them? After all sweepstakes are all about winning the prize-money and not being patriotic.”