By Niamh Spence, content writer for Project Lower

Juggling all that is involved in running a business can be overwhelming; from profits and expenditures to customer demand and brand awareness. Yet one consideration that should appear at the top of the list and often does not is sustainability and energy efficiency.

By improving your energy efficiency, you can not only improve your ability to save money but also reduce the carbon footprint of your company. Establishing your business as sustainable will also better enable you to keep costs low and ensure you’re not wasting money on expensive energy bills and providers.

Steps to making your business more efficient

Becoming a sustainable business is not a quick process, yet there are some fast and easy steps you can take to begin improving your efficiency:

  • Objectives can give you focusSetting clear goals is a sensible way to monitor progress and remain on track for becoming a cleaner, more efficient company. Ensure your objectives are achievable and clear, such as aiming to reduce energy usage or bills by 30 per cent over 12 months.
  • Generate enthusiasm within your workforceMake sure everyone is aware of these new aims so that all staff members are striving towards the same goal. Engaging staff and ensuring they understand the impact and advantages of your new objectives will help to make sure these greener and energy conscious measures are embraced and quickly take effect.
  • Investing in the right technology is essentialTechnology is a major part of every business nowadays and without the right kit, many businesses would struggle. So, it’s just as important to support your energy efficient goals with the right technology and equipment. There are many options to choose from including smart meters and energy efficient LEDs.
  • Seek advice to help you build a sustainable strategyIf you’re struggling to plan how your business could benefit from energy efficiency, there are many resources available that advise and guide on becoming environmentally friendly. The Carbon Trust is one body that can inform on cost-saving energy strategies and even offer loans to help businesses meet their goals.
  • Compare providers to find the right fitDirectly compare energy providers and explore all your options. Finding a more cost effective option and a cheaper rate will help to ensure your strategy is achievable.
The benefits of being an environmentally conscious business are obvious, not only can it save you money on energy usage but it’s also an excellent initiative to embrace for your company’s future.

Marketing your business as a green workplace that actively strives towards being more efficient and sustainable is not only attractive to prospective employees, but also future customers and business leads.