By Claire West

BUSINESS owners are pushing energy efficiency higher up their agenda when choosing potential new premises, in a bid to cut costs.

According to reports published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, energy bills for businesses could rise by 26 per cent in the next decade as a result of the Government’s comprehensive plan to cut greenhouse gases. This is leading companies to pay closer attention to the energy performance of their offices.

Business owners looking to relocate will benefit from the energy efficiency information made available this December when it is expected all commercial properties will be obliged to carry an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) graph.

Marc Blomfield, managing director of The National EPC Company, the UKs leading provider of commercial property EPCs, believes in a saturated market, energy efficient properties will become the most desirable options.

Marc said: “The capital value of the exposed inefficient buildings will fall considerably once all commercial properties are obliged to carry an energy efficiency rating on their sales particulars.

“Badly built offices have been costing British businesses millions of pounds each year. It’s essential that this ailing office stock is improved. If bills are rising, efficiency needs to be made a priority. Making offices sustainable will help companies in the battle against the energy price hike.”

The second cast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is currently undergoing consultation. One of the likely proposals is that all marketing materials and adverts for both residential and commercial properties will need to include the EPC graph by December this year.

Mr Blomfield added: “No business owner is going to want to fork out more money than they have to just because they don’t have an efficient building. At the same time, landlords and sellers must be aware that EPCs are their responsibility and not the agent’s.”

For more information on EPCs go to www.nepcco.co.uk