By Max Clarke

Yorkshire has failed to benefit from last quarter’s drop in unemployment- the biggest quarterly fall in a decade- as figures indicate jobless numbers grew in the same period.

"The region was one of the hardest hit during the recession and is struggling to create enough new jobs during our so-called recovery,” said Trades Union Congress' General Secretary, Brenden Barber, who will today visit the region as part of his nationwide campaign to promote ‘an economic alternative'.

The TUC has previously attacked the Coalition Government’s economic policies as ‘anti-Northern’, citing how reducing the public sector will disproportionately affect the North, where public sector dependency is high.

“The government's deep and rapid spending cuts will only make matters worse,” continued barber. “They are already weakening business and consumer confidence and they will also dampen demand in the local economy.”

Part of the TUC tour will focus on the region’s manufacturing, where the role of manufacturing in the economic recovery of the region, and of the UK, will be addressed at a conference in Sheffield’s Forgemasters’ Factory.

“But it doesn't have to like this. Factories like Forgemasters show that Yorkshire can lead the way in creating new 'green' jobs and leading a manufacturing renaissance.”

Manufacturing has also been given a prominent role in the Coalition’s Plan for Growth. Chancellor Osborne has attmepted to bolster recent successes in the sector by corporation tax cuts, as well as January’s Manufacturing in the UK summit held by Business Secretary, Vince Cable, who recently lamented the past decade’s neglect of the sectyor in a speech to the GMB union.

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