By Claire West

Plumbing entrepreneur Charlie Mullins has backed Business Secretary Vince Cable’s plans to improve employment law and tribunals, declaring any changes would be a victory for employers.

Charlie, who employs almost 200 people at his company, Pimlico Plumbers in Central London, believes that changes will empower employers and allow them to create and develop better workforces to deal with the challenges presented by the tough economic climate.

Under the plans employers will find it easier to dismiss staff who have worked for a business for less than two years.

Charlie said: “This consultation will be a great thing if it allows me and others to employ those who we want to give jobs to.

“I’m taking a risk with my money and reputation every time I put someone new in one of my uniforms so surely I should have some sort of control over how I deal with them if it’s not going to plan?

“In this climate employers need the kind of people who we believe will be good for our businesses - this is just common sense.

“If employers make a mistake with someone who turns out to be totally unsuitable they should be able to find someone else who can do the job and not spend time and money changing the job to suit someone who can’t cope.

“The current process is designed to suit employees and leaves business having to create a new job to suit a particular person rather than the job that needs doing.”

Charlie added: “Of course this isn't the be all and end all of solving the unemployment problem and fuelling a full economic recovery, but it's a complete no-brainer when it comes to getting the ball rolling.”

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