By Claire West

When it comes to recruiting graduates, employers failing to make the most of the latest innovations could be paying five times too much and wasting 75% of their time in the process — according to video recruitment specialist Meet The Real Me.

With entry-level recruitment typically a time-consuming, costly affair, employers are being urged to re-assess their employment strategy and explore alternative solutions to traditional graduate recruitment agencies.

Comments Meet The Real Me company director Marc Fels: “Graduate recruitment agencies normally charge thousands of pounds in placement fees, yet do not provide the tailored service that most companies need. As an alternative, hirers often turn to direct recruitment via jobs boards, which can be a lengthy process with little return on time investment. Online innovations such as video profiling not only allow employers to ‘meet’ candidates and assess them from the comfort of their own desk, but deliver results for around 20% of the price — and a quarter of the time.”

The current job market is such that entry-level vacancies remain extremely sought-after and competition for roles is at an all-time high. As a result, employers are dealing with mounting application numbers and are paying the price in time and placement fees.

Continues Fels: “Recruiters do not need to break the bank to find the right entry-level candidate and they certainly do not need to waste precious time searching for and meeting job seekers who simply do not fit their roles. Online video recruitment represents a quick, cost-effective and efficient solution to find the right people for the job.”

National research by Meet The Real Me shows that one in six people have lied on their CV, and more than 40% have gone to an interview just to gain experience. Therefore, it is difficult for employers to rely solely on a candidate’s CV as an accurate indication of their potential. Using a service such as MeetTheRealMe.com allows employers to access a database of more than 2,500 candidates, combining a guided video CV with qualifications, skills, experience, and an accompanying written CV. This means subscribers can truly gauge a candidate’s personality and communication skills alongside other achievements.

Employers can also post specific job roles on the site along with bespoke questions to identify the most desirable candidates early on in the process. Friendly staff are on hand in the London and Manchester offices to help with managed campaigns, delivering a guaranteed, tailored response to specific vacancies.