Employers are not giving professionals what they want in a job offer, according to new research.

CV-Library said 89% of organisations believe they know what potential employees find most attractive in a job offer, but 40% are getting it wrong.

Over 80% of job hunters said salary is the most important element of a job offer, less than 60% of employers said the same. And employers believe location is the least important aspect (5.6%), whereas job hunters rated it the second most important factor (75%)

Flexible working and working hours was vital to 22% of job hunters, but only 14% of employers agreed. Though there was less discrepancy over workplace perks and benefits, with just 21% of employers saying it was important in a job offer and 18% of workers.

Lee Biggins, founder of CEO of CV-Library, said: "With so much uncertainty across the job market right now, it's crucial that businesses are doing all they can to attract talented new recruits. Misjudging what candidates are looking for in a job offer can have harmful repercussions for an employer. As such, employers need to have a clear understanding of what professionals want from a job, so they can ensure they're investing in the right areas and offering competitive packages."

What’s more, professionals were asked to reveal what they look for when scanning a job description, with 92% saying they look for set criteria. Interestingly, 52% even said they wouldn’t apply to a job if the description didn’t contain the following:

  1. Location - 85%
  2. Salary - 78%
  3. Job title - 44%
  4. Working hours - 42%
  5. Flexible working - 23%
Lee Biggins added: "Today's professionals know what they want from a job offer and those that are aware of the current climate also know that they can afford to be picky with their choices. With many nervous to switch roles amidst ongoing uncertainty, it's going to take a competitive package to encourage them to leave their current position.

"For this reason, your job description needs to clearly show the salary, location, job title and working, otherwise you risk losing out on applications. Make this information easy to find and don't forget to shout about the great perks you have on offer as well."