The vast majority of employers in the UK are confident about their recruitment plans, despite concerns among job seekers over low salaries, according to new research.

Independent jobs board, CV-Library, found that 91% of employers are confident, whereas 57% of workers say they are not considering moving jobs because the salaries on offer are not high enough.

However, 71% of workers feel confident about their job hunt, with 86% actively seeking a new position. Three quarters (74%) of businesses are planning to increase their recruitment efforts within the next six months.

In addition to salary concerns, half (53%) of workers are also concerned they don't have the right experience to apply for the jobs they want, and 28% say a lack of confidence is putting them off applying.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, said: "It's clear from our findings that employers are not allowing the state of the UK economy to affect their hiring efforts. Confidence is certainly key in the current market and while our latest job market data tells us that salaries have jumped up by 4.1% across Britain, professionals are still discontent with the levels of pay on offer in the UK.

"The war for talent is as competitive as ever. This means that businesses need to pull out all the stops in order to impress potential recruits. While it's not always an option to offer sky-high salaries, consider what else you can do to sway candidates. A bigger holiday allowance, the opportunity to work from home, better workplace perks; these are all areas that can impact someone's decision on whether to join your company or not."

In terms of staff retention, 72% of employers aren't worried about existing employees leaving their business, with 92% stating they are confident about retaining staff over the next six months. This is despite 22% of workers showing concern that they may lose their job in that time.

Mr Biggins said: "The national employment rate is at an all-time high, meaning more people are in work than ever before. This is certainly positive news for employers that are looking to retain key members of staff and this should always be a priority for companies. However, at the same time, it does mean that less people are actively looking for work, which could slow down company growth when it comes to hiring for new roles.

CV-Library also found that 52% of businesses are confident there is enough UK talent to fill their roles, and 57% stating that they will focus on improving the quality of their hires in the next six months, as well as growing the workforce as a whole.