By Marcus Leach

Less than half of office workers believe their working environment is good enough.

The majority of employees believe significantly more can be done to create more productive office spaces, according to new research carried out by Steelcase Solutions.

In a survey of 500 office workers in Scotland, only 50.2% of respondents were happy with their work/life balance — something 68% don’t see improving in the future, or even getting worse.

The research has shown that one of the most important factors in improving health and wellbeing at work is to stay active and take regular breaks. However only 13.2% of respondents reported leaving the office for lunch, with a staggering 54.8% eating at their desks and 3.8% of people skipping the meal all together.

"Our recent poll results stress the importance of making sure employees are well supported, both physically and mentally, in order for them to reach their full potential," Nick Lyons, regional sales director for Steelcase Solutions in Scotland, said.

70% of respondents are not offered a mobile working option, which would allow them to work from home at times.

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