By Max Clarke

Voters around the country are split on replacing the First Past the Post system with the Alternative Vote, a new ComRes poll commissioned by BBC Two's Newsnight suggests.

When asked do you want the UK to adopt the Alternative Vote system instead of the current First Past The Post system for electing MPs 41% agreed while the same amount disagreed.

However, while nearly two thirds (65%) of people agree that the system for electing MPs needs major overhauling, 63% of people feel it would be a waste of time and money holding a referendum on changing the system when there are so many other pressing needs in the country than a vote change bill.

1,002 people were interviewed for the poll which features in Newsnight's Alternative Vote special, tonight on BBC Two.

And in a rare treat the programme is putting its own X in a box. Jamie from Brit-nominated band The XX has put his own spin on the famous Newsnight theme tune for the AV special programme.

Talking to Jeremy Paxman ahead of the remix's first play tonight, Jamie from the band said he thought "It would be a cool challenge", adding that it was "a classic" but that he "still wanted it to be dramatic".

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