By Max Clarke

ASUS have today announced the launch of the Eee Slate EP121 – a tablet computer which combines the freedom of a tablet with the functionality of a notebook.

Following the successes of Apple’s iPad, a number of tablet computers have been announced or released since the 2011 Consumer Electronics Fair in Las Vegas, prompting commentators to label 2011 http://www.freshbusinessthinking.com/business_advice.php?AID=7619 " rel="nofollow">‘the year of the tablet’.

With Windows 7 Home Premium and a range of input options including a Bluetooth keyboard and Wacom Digitaliser, the Slate is an intuitive, easy-to-use option for a range of uses from home entertainment to learning in the classroom, through to working on the move to presenting at the office.

The Eee Slate EP121 is also the first tablet to feature a full-power Dual Core Intel Core i processor, providing a wealth of power and performance to ensure a smooth, responsive environment for the multi-tasking users who demand it.

The Eee Slate EP121 offers three ways in which data can be inputted into the device:

Bluetooth Keyboard: Using the bundled Bluetooth keyboard, users can easily input large quantities of text with speed, ease and comfort over long period of use. The slate boasts Bluetooth 3.0 technology ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted typing experience.

Stylus: When out and about, the active stylus accessory with Wacom Digitiser will make a lighter option to travel with whilst still providing a high level of precision, thanks to the intelligent palm rejection function to improve accuracy. What’s more, built-in pressure recognition technology makes the stylus a particularly useful tool for creating graphics and artwork, and those in the design industry or even just those with a creative bug, will appreciate the pre-loaded Art Rage graphics application.

Fingertip: With a multi-touch screen, fingertips can be used to pinch, scroll, zoom and manipulate data on screen. Not only does this provide an incredibly intuitive and natural way to navigate (especially for younger children), it supports multi-user input, providing a collaborative interface for sharing media, games and work projects with friends and colleagues.

Inside, data is stored on a Solid State Drive (SSD) which, with no moving parts, is much more robust against physical bumps and shocks than traditional hard disk drives. With a 64GB capacity there is plenty of space to keep your most prized documents and photos safe.

On the outside, the Eee Slate EP121 features a 12.1” Cornel Gorilla screen, which is highly durable and scratch-resistant. Optical bonding ensures reduction in condensation and sunlight reflection, making it far easier to read and see the screen in a range of external environments – whether it’s on a sunny day in the garden or on a dimly lit plane journey for meetings.

The 12.1” LED backlit screen with AFFS boasts a 175 degree viewing angle which means it can be turned and rotated and still be easily viewed by a big audience – a feature great for sharing videos with friends or showing a project outline with colleagues or classmates.

With a mini HDMI port included, users can easily connect an external HD display and enjoy movies and presentations in full 1080p HD quality for a rich cinema experience.

A high quality front-facing camera (2MP) means users can take advantage of video conferencing tools – whether it’s for staying in touch with long distance friends or conducting a last minute work meeting across the miles.

Integrated fast wireless (802.11b/g/n) alongside Bluetooth 3.0 and a built-in card reader means it is fast and effortless to copy files between your devices or to share across networks with friends or colleagues.

High performance technology provides a smooth environment for work and play:

As the first tablet to feature a full-power Intel Core i processor, the Eee Slate EP121 surpasses performance levels previously possible in a slate form and can handle high demands responsively.

The Intel Core i5-470UM processor in combination with Intel GMA HD graphics allows users to enjoy a rich multi-tasking environment for work, learning and play without compromising performance. Support of Adobe Flash 10.1 means the Eee Slate EP121 is readily compatible with a huge range of video, animation and gaming content online.

What’s more, the processor integrates Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 alongside Hyper threading technology – essentially this combination means that the Eee Slate EP121 distributes power and performance to applications which need it most at the right times, giving users a speedy and uninterrupted experience whether they are enjoying movies with family or preparing an important work presentation.