By Daniel Hunter

The mobile network operator EE has announced plans to launch its own TV service.

The service will allow up to three smartphones or tablets and a TV to watch different channels at the same time.

The service will be broadcast through a set-top box. EE's TV service will also customers to watch programmes from the previous 24 hours without using popular catch up TV services like BBC iPlayer.

EE TV will feature around 70 Freeview channels, and will include apps like YouTube, Daily Motion and Rakuten's subscription TV and movie service

The set-top box will contain a 1 terabyte (TB) hard disk which can store up to 25 days worth of standard definition programmes.

EE said the service will be included in the price broadband and landline packages. But mobile network customers can subscribe to the service for £9.95 a month.

"With EE TV, not only can you watch different streams of live and recorded content, on multiple screens simultaneously, but your mobile becomes the remote," said EE's chief executive Olaf Swantee.

"This gives each viewer the chance to watch, queue and view what they want, when they want."

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