By Marcus Leach

EDF Energy have announced that, as of November 10th, they will raise the price of gas by 15.4% and electricity by 4.5%.

They become the last of the so-called 'big six' energy firms to raise their prices for domestic customers.

In a statement the firm said they had absorbed wholesale price rises for as long as possible before being forced to pass on these costs to customers.

"We have absorbed rising wholesale energy, network and other costs as long as possible but must reluctantly now pass some of these through to consumers," said Vincent de Rivaz, chief executive of EDF Energy.

With other firms raising prices by up to 18% EDF Energy remain at the lower end of price hikes, but will still not be enough to stop Ofgem's investigation into pricing by the big six suppliers.

"We recognise there remains a widespread lack of understanding and suspicion of the industry as a whole, among the public, customers in general, politicians, regulators and others," Vincent de Rivaz said.

"It is important this perception is addressed. The energy challenges Britain faces are far too important and can only be addressed in a world with trust, open dialogue and mutual understanding.

"If a Competition Commission inquiry is necessary to build this trust, then it is a step that should be taken."

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