By Daniel Hunter

Whilst English tourism suffered from the snow over the Easter weekend as Brits escaped the cold snap for sunshine, a new poll from reveals hope is just around the corner as nearly 8 million holiday makers plan to stay in the UK during 2013.

Provincial towns, seaside resorts and heritage sites are expected to reap rewards as Brits choose stress free and recession busting escapes this year.

Top 10 Places where Holiday-Makers are Staying Local:

1. London
2. Bristol
3. Devon
4. Yorkshire
5. Cornwall
6. Lancashire
7. Kent
8. Somerset
9. West Midlands
10. Derbyshire

Lee Williams of says: “In the face of recession and an economy in crisis our sites are buzzing with Brits looking for an alternative to the stresses of holidaying abroad. They are choosing instead to support British tourism and local businesses and our poll indicates that they’re staying more local. The proliferation of technology now allows us to travel virtual distances within seconds. Combine these advantages with the increased anxiety about the economy and the even the risks associated with going abroad, our poll points to a trend showing less propensity for holidaying further afield.”

Holidaying at home is perceived to be the stress-free option with 2 in 5 locals apprehensive about travelling abroad and citing a fear of being hospitalised abroad. A close second, nearly a fifth expressed fear that breaking up with their partner would as be the worst disaster that could happen to them whilst on holiday.

“Changes in UK traveller behaviour since the start of the recession are striking. People are staying closer to home and are spending less money on big adventures abroad as a result of the hefty financial cutbacks many households have made during this tough economic period," said Sioned Hughes, Senior Lecturer, Geography at University of Wales.

Hardened to the unpredictable British weather, the poll also reveals that while 3 in 4 of us claim to be ‘sun-starved’, we are no longer a nation of ‘sun-seekers’. 34% of locals polled across the UK chose culture, cuisine and adventure over sunshine; all available across the length and breadth of the country.

“We are constantly faced with pressures at work alongside the strain of keeping up with the demands of our households. Unfortunately, going abroad for a holiday can bring its own set of stresses and it is for this reason that I believe we are seeing the trend for more Brits taking breaks here in the UK,” said Dr Sheri Jacobson, Psychotherapist & Director at Harley Therapy.

“Against this backdrop of people staying local at home, the level of interest in travel and nature television programmes fronted by adventurers such as Bear Grylls and naturalists like David Attenborough has grown. This type of television programming is enabling a new generation of people to feel as if they are travelling to far-flung places but from the comfort of their own homes," added Sioned Hughes, Senior Lecturer, Geography at University of Wales.

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