By Marcus Leach

David Cameron's joy, and evident relief, that the economy has dragged itself out of recession could have landed him in hot water.

Speaking during yesterday's Prime Minister's Question Time, Cameron let slip that there was good news to come. And whilst economists have been predicating a return to growth, Cameron is under strict obligation to keep any knowledge of the data to himself until the official announcement.

It is, of course, not 100% certain that Cameron was referring to the GDP data, but given that the Office for National Statistics (ONS) furnished Downing Street with those statistics at 9.30am on Wednesday morning, Mr Cameron is among a small group of senior politicians and officials who would have been entitled to view them, had he so wished.

A spokesman for the UK Statistics Authority said it had received several queries about the appropriateness of the Prime Minister's words, adding: "We are going to look into it."

It was hardly surprising that Labour immediately seized on the remarks to accuse Mr Cameron of being "shambolic and wrong".

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