Easter Eggs

For many small and medium sized business owners, Easter continues to remain an untapped resource. With last year’s Easter sales boosting retail spending by almost 5 per cent, it is vital that all business owners harness this time of year when looking for competitive advantage.

Incorporating branded products into an Easter marketing campaign is an effective way to encourage interest, increase loyalty and generate positive word of mouth. Promotional products are critical in creating a distinct and meaningful identity in people’s minds, as illustrated from a recent survey featured in the Business Times. Of those that received a promotional item, 84 per cent said it raised brand awareness. Crucially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s), 79 per cent that they were likely to do business with the organisation that sent it.

A product that is personalised to the company or recipient can deliver an even greater impact. This could range from items in a goody bag at a product launch, a local giveaway or even products sent in the post. Conversely, delivering plain, unbranded sweets or a generic chocolate rabbit as an Easter treat may well be appreciated, but quickly forgotten.

Careful consideration should be taken to ensure products are positioned correctly to the target audience and presented accordingly. For example, a sports supplier can give away free gym bags; a barista can distribute embossed coffee mugs and a new bar can hand out wine bottle-shaped cookies. Confectionery in particular, tends to have a very wide appeal as it ‘hits all the senses’. The look, smell, taste and touch of a hand crafted snack combines all the faculties to create an unforgettable experience.

With organisations competing for increased market share, now more than ever, it is the duty of SME’s to make sure that they take advantage of every opportunity to provide offerings that are relevant, personal, practical and above all, deliver results!

By Allison Cardona, owner of Custom Cookie Company