By Marcus Leach

The 2010/11 International Trade Awards, sponsored by Santander Corporate Banking and Eversheds, are proud to announce that Earworms Musical Brain Trainer are the winners for the East of England regional award.

The prestigious awards exclusively recognise the UK's leading importers and exporters, who have, in the face of adversity given the challenges posed by the current global economic climate, excelled over the past year.

Following an unprecedented number of high quality applications the judging panel, chaired by Phil Orford of the Forum of Private Business, confirmed that Earworms was the outstanding candidate for the East of England region.

Mr Orford, assisted by Martin Hodges, Head of Trade with Santander Corporate Banking, Howard Barrie, Partner at Eversheds, and David Solomons, Senior Partner at Creative Learning Consultants, selected Earworms from what was an exceptional list of applications.

“It was fantastic news, although we did work hard and deserve it,” Andrew Lodge, MD, said. "From the outset we didn’t intend it to be commercial. My brother and myself, both musicians and failed rockstars, looked for ways to internalise info into the brain. One day my brother was in classroom with Japanese students trying to teach them to say 'irrevocable letter of credit'. In the end he picked up his guitar and with a few chords asked the students to speak along with the rhythm.

"We took that initial musical concept in the classroom and, as we enjoy making music, developed it. Over the years we have done classroom tests. The musical method for half the class and standard book method for the other half, 90% remembered the musical method, compared with only 40-50% for the book method."

Martyn Dawson, Regional Director, Anglia region, presenting the award on behalf of Santander Corporate Banking said, "We have been absolutely delighted to sponsor these awards. The UK remains an extremely strong trading nation and it is beyond doubt that companies need both recognition and support to help grow their businesses internationally.

“The innovation, flexibility and sheer tenacity of UK business during difficult times has been both encouraging and exciting and the calibre of the applicants goes to reflect this."

Howard Barrie, Eversheds' Head of Trade Finance said, “As an international law firm with a strong local presence, we were keen to get involved in these awards because international trade forms a crucial part of our region’s economy and is key in these challenging economic times. We have taken many major corporate clients into new jurisdictions and advise on global trade from our 44 offices around the world. These awards are an excellent showcase of local talent and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Santander to reward businesses who have excelled in this area”.

Despite turmoil in global markets and the credit crunch, excellent companies, such as Earworms, continue to show the country, the media and our political masters that UK business and industry are still world-beaters in many fields. International Trade is delighted to have had the opportunity to reward and show off these great British companies.

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