By Max Clarke

London’s Earls Court, home to over 37 hectares (92 acres) of underdeveloped and brownfield land surrounding the iconic art-deco exhibition centre and extensive rail network, is being earmarked for a multi-billion pound redevelopment.

Plans are carefully being drawn up, built around extensive and ongoing public consultation involving local publications and the dissemination of 35,000 leaflets, and are expected to by formally submitted by the end of the year.

The project is predicted to provide permanent jobs for up to 24,000, whilst adding between 4000 and 8000 houses to the local stock in a colossal mixed use development.

Beyond this, planners are confined to numerous planning constraints arising from the listed conservation buildings and local character of the buildings flanking the Opportunity Area, combined with highly contrasting views from the public, including:

We love the atmosphere of North End Road Market”, and:

North End Road market looks run down and needs a revamp

As planning draft has yet to be submitted, a completion date is unknown, but the lasting economic and social benefits of the plan, which will include cycle lanes, open spaces and parks, retail and public art, will be profound both for Earls Court, and for London and the UK.

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