Codez Academy

"We are working to change that. But it needs to be from a young age. Otherwise they get to a certain age, between 16 and 20, and they don't want to do anything like this, because they haven't grown up with it or been taught how to do it. We need to change that system."

The Welsh Government is currently assessing the possibility of introducing coding to the curriculum in 2020. And while that is a positive thing in Dean's mind, there is a big issue with that.

"The problem we've still got is academic people shaping the curriculum. There should be creative people like me and others saying 'no, this is the way it should be done', and working with more businesses to find out what skills they want and need. School is about school. It's not about how to get into employment, and that needs to be changed massively."

But is 2020 too late? "Yes," Dean answered immediately.

"I would like to see it brought in [in the right way] now. Or by next year. The problem is, they'll create a curriculum now, it will take four or five years to roll it out and it's already out of date by the time children are being taught in schools."

"Everything moves within six months in this industry. There's new things coming out and new things going on. As developers, we've got to keep up with that, and the teachers can't keep up with it. It should be organisations like Codez Academy going into schools and teaching the children because we're constantly keeping up-to-date with how the industry is moving forward.

"They're not going to be able to train teachers to do this job. It's taken me over four years to be comfortable to teach others, so I can't see a teacher completing a six or 12 week course and feeling comfortable to teach a classroom full of children."

Acknowledging that he has come a long way since struggling with unemployment and back operations, Dean realises there is still a long way to go for Codez Academy. But he is already receiving recognition for his work so far. In March, he was named 'Entrepreneur of the Year' at the Caerphilly Business Forum Awards. That's not the goal for Dean, however. He has a genuine appetite to teach coding, to prepare adults and children for a working future.