By Max Clarke

Up to 400,000 workers can be shed from Britain’s public sector by not replacing just 11% of new applicants, a leading think tank has said.

The high staff turnover in the sector means that heavy cuts can be implemented without redundancies in a ‘manageable’ way. Quality of service does not depend on numbers of public servants, the centre-right Reform think tank argue in their latest report entitled Reformers and wreckers.

Currently public servants account for some £200 billion of the near £700 billion total public spend. In order to achieve fiscal stability in the UK economy, drastic reform is necessary. By reducing the size of the sector, and by implementing a ban on salaries above the Prime Minister’s.

The think tank’s proposals have, however, been met with a vitriolic response from trades unions, who have deemed them an attack on society for the benefit of the wealthy.

”The continuing crude attack on public sector pensions is part of this chorus,” said the assistant general secretary of the UK’s leading union, Unite, Gail Cartmail. “Such attacks will hit the retirement incomes of much valued public servants, such as health visitors, teachers, and paramedics.

”Britain and its citizens have gained enormously from the benefits of the public sector over the last 65 years, where the ethos of service for all has transcended the profit motive of a few. This ethos is being seriously eroded by the government.

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