By Claire West

The Secretary of State for Business, Vince Cable, has announced a new ’Entrepreneurs’ Forum’ which will provide him with informal and personal advice on new business and enterprise policies.

Dragons’ Den panellist James Caan, will be one of the 26 entrepreneurs to sit on the forum. Mr Cable is keen to work with individuals from the private sector as he feels it is the decisions of business leaders, individual workers and entrepreneurs that will build the economy.

When invited to sit on the forum, Mr Caan said: “I believe that Britain is one of the most entrepreneurial societies in Western Europe. It now has over 4.9 million SME’s and it’s estimated that half a million new businesses will start this year. The Entrepreneur’s Forum will help the Government develop a partnership with business enterprises and also identify plans for growth.”/i]

[i]“Whilst I think Britain is a creative and innovative society, to be able to compete with global markets I think we could definitely do more. In particular, I know that the recent spending review has put more pressure on the education sector, but I would like to see more done to improve and increase the education of science and technology throughout the education system” commented James Caan.

Members of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum were chosen on the basis of individual experience and advice they can provide on new business and enterprise policies. The Entrepreneurs’ Forum model will follow that of other groups, such as the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Group, the Secretary of State’s Business Advisory Group, and the Small Business Economic Forum.

“I’m delighted with the quality of the membership of my new forum, and look forward to bouncing ideas off them and hearing their views,” comments Vince Cable. “People with the courage to start up a business will be crucial to driving the growth of the economy. Start-ups create jobs, stimulate innovation and provide a competitive spur to existing businesses to encourage them to increase their productivity.”

The first meeting will take place on Wednesday 26th January 2011 at the BIS Conference Centre, whereby the selected entrepreneurs will focus on the Growth Review which was published at the end of November.