By Claire West

James has created the Entrepreneurs Business Academy (EBA) to impart his hard-gained experience and practical guidance for businesses and entrepreneurs.

“The current economic climate is a wake-up call for all businesses and entrepreneurs, “he said. “2010 is already proving to be a year of huge volatility. This year will make or break some small to medium size enterprises. You have to have the conviction and belief in what you are doing in order to be successful, and the business acumen to ensure you stay successful.”

“The problem with being the boss is you have no-one guiding you,” says James. “Asking businessman friends seems like defeat and you don’t want to admit you’re a novice. But everyone needs a helping hand. You may have heard the phrase ‘Businesses don’t fail, people do!’”

The EBA will allow entrepreneurs and business owners to network with other committed, like-minded and aspirational people in a private and supportive environment, guided by James and his team of millionaire mentors.

James Caan’s fellow Dragon Peter Jones launched his National Enterprise Academies aimed at teenagers and partially state funded last year.

“Now Peter’s students will be able to graduate to a grown-up version,” joked James who has created more millionaires than any other Dragon.

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