By Max Clarke

After a tense season that has seen some 15 businesses secure cash investments totalling just short of £1million, series 9 of the BBC’s popular Dragons’ Den draws to a close.

Successful bids from the turbulent series have included Unique Ideas UK, whose owner Bob Davis lured Hilary Devey with his eponymous box. Chris Hopkins has to date secured the series’ highest investment, of £120,000, for his solar powered retrofitting business, Ploughcroft Solar; whilst Theo Paphitis sunk £50,000 into the honestly-named ‘BoginaBag’ portable toilet.

Episode 10, which airs Sunday 2nd, will see the final group of fledgling entrepreneurs pitch to the razor-tongued millionaires. Pitches will include a Scottish inventor with an invention whose use has had the BBC’s twitter followers baffled, whilst two friends think the key to securing 6-figure investment is through the ever-unpopular medium of theatrical mime.

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