By Marcus Leach

The Dragons' Den this week saw the Dragons part with a total of £150,000 as both Peter Jones and Hilary Devey invested in businesses they felt had potential.

First up was Krissy Sims and Kerry O'Brien from London offering a 25% stake in their mobile DJ business and academy for a £150,000 investment.

Apart from Peter Jones trying to prove he is more than just a shrewd businessman, his demo rap on the equipment more entertaining than musically talented, the two budding entrepreneurs highlighted their drive and ambition.

However, despite being impressed with their passion, none of the Dragons were ready to invest in a business they felt wouldn't offer a return.

John McGonagle was looking for a £125,000 investment in his idea, a blow-up bed in your car, but apart from being highly entertained the Dragons were not swayed to part with their cash.

Next up three London friends were after £70,000 for a 35% share in their popcorn company, which lead to Peter Jones offering the full amount for a 45% in the company. The friends, Martin, Tom and Christian, accepted the offer and left delighted having given up hope of investment as the other four Dragons shot them down.

Glen Harden came in, complete with a half naked model, offering a 20% share in his UV body sculpturing idea for £50,000. His pitch was short, and brutally honest, to the point where he admitted he had no sales figures or business model in place.

However, despite Glen's honest, amusing answers to the Dragons' questions, he offered little in reassurance to why his business would work and ultimately left with empty pockets.

Husband and wife team Liz and Alan Colleran from Dewsbury pitched for £80,000 investment for a 10% return in their business. The product was a memory-foam bed-duvet combo for caravanning, and early signs suggested it could be a successful pitch.

The pitch seemed to be falling apart though as the Dragons picked holes in it, which saw Liz get defensive, and all hope was gone. That was until Hilary Devey offered the full amount, but wanting a 26% return in the business. After a brief discussion the two took the offer.

Next Sunday the Den returns as the next batch of aspiring entrepreneurs look to get the backing of the Dragons.

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