By James Campanini, EMEA VP for Blue Jeans

Whilst conference calls allow a certain anonymity, video meetings are effectively face-to-face so require a different set of rules in terms of etiquette.

1. Meeting Agenda/be prepared: On a conference call you might have been able to make small talk while you pulled up discussion documents on your computer - this doesn't fly in video conferencing. Prepare your materials in advance and create an agenda and stick to it. This bit of preparation will not only put you in a better light, it will also make for a more effective meeting.

2. Tech Tools Intact: Another preparatory task that takes little time, but pays dividends is preparing your tech tools. Make sure your camera is positioned correctly (no use being face-to-face if only your chin is showing). Also, make sure your microphone is on/plugged in and, if applicable, your internet connection is working.

3. Maintain Eye Contact: The benefit of video conferencing is that you can see each other – so make sure you're looking at one another. Also, it's unnerving and disrespectful to be looking in another direction when someone is talking to you. This is an opportunity to make a stronger connection with the other participants, use it to your advantage.

4. Be Present and Presentable: Playing off the point made above, while you're making eye contact, also be paying attention to the speaker. It's much easier to stay in the moment over video as opposed to a conference call and you will get more out of the meeting this way. Also, be presentable. It might be fine to wear your pyjama bottoms, but at least choose a business casual shirt on top!

5. Keep it Quiet: Background noise is irritating and you will be using a microphone that can amplify noise. Make sure you're in a space where noise is kept to a minimum.

If you employ these tips you and your business will make the most of video meetings and build stronger relationships with clients.