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Fuelled by a message of love your people, yulife is on a big mission to help companies inspire and empower their people to be financially, mentally and physically well. That’s why they’ve decided to sponsor the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards and support the finest minds in the UK’s entrepreneurial landscape.

As a young entrepreneurial company themselves, as well as pioneers in the fields of fintech and wellbeing, yulife are passionate about backing the next generation of business talent.

The NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards are delighted to be working with a forward thinking company like yulife who are leading the way in making wellbeing accessible, fun and rewarding for everyone, including employers and their people.

Sammy Rubin, Founder of yulife, said: “Ultimately, we want work to be a place of real joy. We’re all about providing the tools entrepreneurs need to help show love to their workers. We believe in potential, and know that this energy can only be fully unlocked by enabling people to look after the things closest to them: personal health and the wellbeing of loved ones”.

The NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards team say they are proud of this partnership because, like them, yulife are excited about championing entrepreneurial forces that are reaching for new horizons within their respective industries.

So, what makes yulife so special?

Traditional wisdom says that life insurance is sold, not bought. But this has caused insurers to lose sight of consumer needs.

This outdated methodology sits awkwardly in our digitised society where ‘always-on culture’ has made our lives busier and more diverse than ever. While this vibrancy is good, increasing pressure on our working lives is damaging our financial, mental and physical wellbeing.

Little wonder that 50% of today’s workforce wants more focus on health and wellbeing at work. Of equal concern to bosses, an even greater percentage (69%) of employees feel health and wellbeing benefits help increase loyalty towards employers.

That’s exactly what yulife are all about. They see life insurance as a wellbeing benefit, and therefore, believe that it has to improve people’s lives not only in the future, but also the present. That’s why they focus on simple tech solutions, gamifying the wellbeing experience, and motivating healthy behavioural change.

Putting the love back in

NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards sponsors, yulife, believe that by giving bosses the right tools and support, firms can help boost their employees’ health, while enhancing that of their employees’ loved ones in the long run.

yulife has incorporated the best wellbeing apps and services – such as Calm, Garmin, Move GB and Urban Message – to inspire and empower people to be well. These engaging platforms give workers more control over the physical activity they conduct throughout their working days.

By completing fun, health-driven tasks, members earn yucoin: yulife’s own wellbeing currency. yucoin can then be exchanged for vouchers and discounts from a range of high street brands like Avios points, free Now TV passes, free smoothies from EAT and so much more.

yulife makes wellbeing fun through its gaming app. This is especially important in the UK, which is home to 34.4m gamers and the 5th largest games market in the world.

Power up!

For workers, the benefits of this approach are clear. When we are able to look after ourselves, we become healthier and happier; engagement pushes performance levels up by 40%, and we take 27% fewer sick days (ERS).

Employers get a stronger, more productive workforce and improved retention; with staff feeling better and more valued, Lifeworks research finds the likelihood of workers seeking job opportunities elsewhere falls by a staggering 79%.

And to top it all off, it’s easy to use. Built for convenience, yulife’s fully digital service minimises admin, and dovetails with the established habits of users for whom smartphone technology and app functionality are a key part of everyday life.

Breathing life back into life insurance

Let’s face it, people don’t like talking about life insurance because it involves placing a bet that nobody wants to win.

yulife makes life insurance more relevant and accessible through two subscription lifestyle insurance packages, priced £7.99 and £14.99 per month, which deliver real value every day. For an additional £5 per month, yulife members benefit from yudoctor – a digital GP service which opens up 24/7 face-to-face access and wellbeing advice.

These approaches are smart for yulife, because we know that more financially, mentally and physically well members are the less likely they are to leave or claim.

Employers receive a 3-in-1 benefits package at a competitive rate, and take an active role in safeguarding the people that make the business work.

Meanwhile, staff are inspired to live more rewarding, healthier lives, safe in the knowledge that loved ones will have that crucial financial support when it matters most.

Life insurance, wellbeing and rewards in one simple app. For more information, please click here.