By David White, Managing Director, Weboptimiser

Foursquare, the current market leader in Geolocation has been given a big awareness boost since the announcement of Facebook Places.

According to chief executive Dennis Crowley, since the launch of Places, Foursquare saw its "biggest day ever in terms of new signups."

Both are available as mobile handset applications, which make use of a phone's built-in GPS chip. Foursquare, currently the most successful has a rewards system in place with local businesses.

Both services allow users to 'check in' bars, restaurants or local attractions. Users can become 'mayors' of select locations, and be reward them with free or discount goods.

Facebook Places does not currently have a rewards system in place with local businesses.

At present, Facebook Places only functions as a tool to let other friends within a social network know where to find you.

In addition, Places has only infiltrated specific areas of the United States, Foursquare is available in locations worldwide.

However, as the Places feature matures, the web world could be faced with yet another David v Goliath battle, as the 150 millioon mobile users of Facebook, dwarf the number of subscribers to the Foursquare service.

In the meantime owners of pubs, clubs and hotels should take note and sign up to this new phenominon that is set to only get bigger, now Facebook is getting its act together.

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