By Daniel Hunter

Businesses are not letting their location restrict their growth leading to a trend in firms opening satellite offices across the UK.

CEO of, Chris Meredith, believes advances in technology means having satellite offices dotted across the UK in areas where you can employ the most talented workers for your industry, makes sense.

The company, which is a barometer for SME success across the UK, is beginning to witness larger companies taking smaller office space away from their natural headquarters.

It believes that as well as allowing them to recruit regardless of location, businesses can also save on their outgoings.

Here Chris Meredith explains why improvements in technology, cheaper offices and talented workers means having smaller satellite offices and expanding away from the Capital is a smart move.

“London always has been and always will be the place to do business, however, satellite offices outside of the Capital means they can recruit from a wider pool of talent and reduce their costs.

“Technology now makes it possible for businesses to operate from multiple locations with employees able to remain in constant touch with one another. A firm could very easily be based in London with employees working in the major cities nationally and internationally.

“It gives businesses the chance to recruit from a much wider pool of potential employees. They do not need to be restricted by location, instead they can employ the most talented individual and save on relocation costs simply by setting them up in their own office.

“Relocation costs are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to savings — a regional wage will be much lower than one that’s London weighted, office space is considerably cheaper away from the Capital and by recruiting the right person first time, a business would hope they’d remain with them a few years.

“A London weighted wage is thousands of pounds more than the rest of Britain and on average it will cost £668 to rent a desk in London for a month, which is considerably higher than the rest of the UK.

“However, look further out of the capital at areas with excellent transport links and you can find some hidden gems. Bristol falls within the UKs ten biggest cities, and there you’d pay around £200 a month for a desk.

“If you head to the Midlands, a desk will cost a business just £238 per month. Added to that, the city has a vibrant creative sector and at present, it takes just an hour and a half to commute from Birmingham into the capital.

“London is still the number one location to do business, but it’s not the only way to build and grow a successful enterprise. Flexible office space and new technology can bring a business closely, regardless of the miles between each employee.”

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