By Daniel Hunter

Shopping habits are changing with more adults searching around for the best deals. According to research conducted by Barclaycard and Brunel University, 29 million people now look beyond previously-favoured brands when considering purchases.

More people are taking a harder line when shopping, with one in three focusing on the items they want to buy rather than considering what a favourite shop has to offer. A further one in three plans ahead and sticks to their shopping list.

The recent tough economic times have also had an impact on people’s behaviour, with more time being spent hunting down bargains, making use of discount vouchers and loyalty cards to get money off shopping.

The research shows that UK shoppers have embraced internet shopping, which is growing year-on-year. A fifth of all shopping is now done online, and one in fifteen people surveyed stated that they never set foot in a shop for non-essential buys.

Customer loyalty is also shifting in terms of where shoppers spend their money, with almost one in four now choosing to shop at local independent shops rather than at big high-street chains.

“It’s been fascinating to look at how modern life and the economic climate have impacted on our shopping habits. As a nation, we’ve evolved into incredibly sophisticated shopping experts. Some of us are clearly savvier than others but with the wealth of deals and loyalty incentives out there, we’ve all developed a system that works for us,” said Dr Dorothy A Yen, retail expert from Brunel University.

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