By Daniel Hunter

New research shows that Brits are ill-equipped and poorly-informed when it comes to knowing their consumer rights.

The study shows that lack of knowledge is rife and, as a result, many consumers are losing out.

Just 4% claim to have a strong grasp of their consumer rights with almost half admitting to being in the dark. In addition, almost one in three consumers have lost time or money through not understanding their rights.

Over two in five say that consumer rights as they currently stand are complicated and are full of loopholes and ambiguities, while one in four say they are full of jargon.

Just over one in ten have read up on their rights so that they fully understand what they are entitled to.

Instead, the majority learn what they can through the media, trial and error or by picking up information from other people.

“Very few of us really know what our rights are. And with consumers spending many thousands of pounds over a lifetime, this lack of knowledge and understanding is not only a huge disadvantage, but could be financially damaging too,” said Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at

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