By Daniel Hunter

Businesses are harming their productivity by failing to curb the 'email addiction' which now dominates the workplace.

Jerry Hopkins, founder of The Leadership Team, says more organisations would benefit by introducing strict guidelines on the use of email during working hours.

He says that without controls, staff are repeatedly distracted from priorities causing productivity to fall and project deadlines to slip.

Jerry, who counts chief executives, managing directors and directors from some of the UK’s foremost companies among The Leadership Team’s alumni, said: “It is not that answering emails as soon as they arrive in the inbox is important, it is more about people becoming addicted to them.

“There is a natural curiosity whether in our home or professional life to want to check who has been in touch and what they have had to say.

“But the reality is that very few people in business need to look at their emails more than two or three times a day.

“By putting in place simple time management controls such as looking at emails in the morning, at lunchtime and at the end of the day, individuals and their organisations will create more time to focus on the real priorities.”

The Leadership Team’s courses involve a commitment of just two hours a month for six months. They also provide access to networking sessions with other business leaders who have been on the course through The Leadership Team Alumni Club.

Among the companies to have taken part are Jaguar Land Rover, Kimberly-Clark, Coulter Hurst, DTM Legal and Fraser Wealth Management.

Each course is broken down into six interactive sessions looking at best practice in areas such as strategic vision, creating more time to lead effectively, delegation and building strong teams.

All courses are held at the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus, near Warrington, and places are available on the next course which starts on Wednesday, May 22.

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