Dixons Retail plc (LSE: DXNS) is a British company and one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Europe. The company operates Dixons.co.uk as well as Dixons Travel, Currys, Currys.digital, PC World and Electro World stores along with many other brands across Europe including: Pixmania, Equanet and Advent Computers.

The company, formerly known as Dixons Stores Group plc and later DSGi, specialises in selling high technology consumer electronics products, audio-video equipment, PCs, small and large domestic appliances, photographic equipment, communication products and related financial and after sales services (e.g. extended service agreements). They also sell other products and services such as electrical products, spares, repairs, mobile services, online digital photo processing, pre-recorded media and childcare equipment.

Dixons' main competitors are pan-European electrical retailer MediaMarkt, Best Buy Europe and Kesa Electricals plc, which owns Comet and Darty. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Dixons was founded by Charles Kalms and Michael Mindel in 1937 in the High Street in Southend under the name of Dixons Studios Limited. The name Dixons, selected randomly from the telephone directory, was sufficiently short to fit above the small shop front. During the early 1940s Dixons set up seven studios around London but by the end of the War the business was reduced to a single studio in Edgware. Stanley Kalms, the son of the founder, joined the business in 1948 and started advertising the Dixons products in the press.

Source: Wikipedia