By Marcus Leach

Toymaker Mattel have seen their third quarter profits boosted by 15% thanks to Disney's Pixar movies.

Net income for the US toy firm totalled $301 million (£191 million) for the three months, which is a 15% rise on the previous year. This was backed up by a 9% growth for their worldwide sales.

"This year's big entertainment property, Cars 2, is fuelling momentum," said chairman and chief executive Robert A Eckert.

Toy Story 3, the hit Disney Pixar movie, helped boost sales of toys such as Barbie and Ken, both who featured in the animated film.

"Getting licenses from films, particularly cartoons, makes a big difference for manufacturers like Mattel," sGreg Hodge, global retail director at the consumer research agency Iconoculture, told the BBC.

"Having the right product to utilise the licence in the case of Cars was wonderful for Mattel. But picking the right film is the key to success, and choosing can be difficult."

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