By Daniel Hunter

While businesses that were ‘born digital’ – such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook and technology companies such as Apple, Dell, and Microsoft are leading the way in digital marketing — to survive businesses of all sizes need to be ‘Digitally Competitive’.

As consumers, we are becoming more digitally savvy with every new smartphone, tablet or operating system update that comes our way. But as the revolving doors of new technologies and techniques pick up the pace, businesses need to keep up.

Our mission is to help save the high street. How do we do
that? Digital of course.

A study by PwC and Local Data Company today revealed that the rate of high street closures slowed slightly in the first half of 2013 compared with last year. On average, 18 stores closed every month in the first half of the year, compared with 20 per month a year earlier.

Despite the good news, traditional stores are still failing the digital consumer. And we want this to change.

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