By Marcus Leach

The recent demise of several big name high street retailers has further amplified the need for businesses to have a successful online presence, and not solely rely upon their offline offering, according to Ray Clark, Event Manager of the Digital Marketing Show.

In the past two months Comet, Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster have all fallen foul of the changing consumer landscape, as firms with a successful online presence begin to dominate the market.

"To survive, businesses of all sizes need to be digitally competitive," Clark said. "This is about more than just being online, it is having an understanding that both online and offline are as important as each other.

Andrew Villars of Arrowhead Consulting, a specialist in the retail and leisure sector, believes that there has been a common theme with all of the big casualties; the lack of an successful online presence.

"If you look at the cases of the big names to have gone under, then you see a theme, that they have failed to capitalise on the online market," Villars said.

"What surprises me in HMV's case is that they had the market share offline, and then they allowed other companies to come in and dominate the online space."

The changing face of consumerism has seen a big shift towards the digital world, and Clark believes businesses need to maximise their digital presence in order to thrive in what is becoming an increasingly competitive environment.

"The market place has changed unrecognisably over the past ten years, and an alarming number of companies have failed to evolve with it," Clark said. "Those that haven't have begun to fall by the wayside, whereas those with a strong digital presence have flourished.

"Suddenly businesses are waking up to the need for a powerful digital presence, and seeing the need for a specialist show to provide the knowledge people are after, we launched the Digital Marketing Show, which runs later this year."

The Digital Marketing Show has been designed to provide information, advice, ideas, guidance and support to marketing professionals who want to succeed in the brave new world of digital. As Clive Sirkin, chief marketing officer at Kimberly-Clark, said; companies need to believe in marketing in a digital world, and not just digital marketing, as there is a massive difference.

The Digital Marketing Show will attract over 10,000 marketing professionals, all looking for information and advice to help them succeed in a digital world, if these people are your customers then visit to see how you can meet them.

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