DMM Mid-term

Brought to you by the team behind the Digital Marketing Magazine and Integrated Live (formerly the Digital Marketing Show), Mid-Term is a one day pop-up conference for those information-hungry digital marketers who simply cannot wait a whole year between Integrated Live events.

Taking place at a central London venue on 21 June 2016, Digital Marketing Magazine Mid-Term is ideal for marketers with little or no exposure to online marketing channels, alongside professionals who want to hone their digital skills.

'Digital' can no longer stand in splendid isolation

Is 'digital marketing' dead? Certainly not, but the term may now be somewhat redundant. Digital and technology should now be inherent within every marketing activity and in 2016, to talk about digital as some kind of separate entity is to not understand it.

The speakers will deliver ‘post digital’ thinking that will encourage attendees to think beyond organisational silos. While ‘digital’ was ‘new’ a decade ago, it is now something that marketers just do. It is what expected from brands and should be the norm.

The best and most successful offline campaigns (including TV and press) tell people what to search for, while savvy producers of tangible products use digital messages on their packaging to drive customers to social media platforms.

Stephen White, editor of the Digital Marketing Magazine, said: “This conference is not only a great opportunity to hear from a host of industry giants who are leading the way in the ever-changing digital landscape, but it will help attendees to make sense of, and harness, the incredible innovations going on all around us. The best marketers never stop learning or looking ahead; which is why we’ve developed this one day conference'

Spaces are limited and will sell out, book today.