By Max Clarke

An ingenious company has tapped into the profit-making potential of nostalgia, aiming to resurrect beloved defunct brands.

The Brand Cellar, headed by a trio of serial entrepreneurs with experience marketing for top global companies, selects brands whose presence may have vanished from our high streets, but whose legacy lives on.

Dewhurst sausages, which emerged among the top of a list of products missed by the UK public, have been selected for revival by the trio.

The continued economic downturn has, research recently published by Sainsbury’s suggests, rekindled a love of the the past, with nostalgia products enjoying a resurgence. It is hoped that by tapping into this positive sentiment, investments made by The Brand Cellar into the once popular Dewhurst brand will be repaid many times over.

"We are looking at a number of options, but there is a huge resonance with people for this brand. Apart from New Zealand lamb, and Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire puddings, there just aren't that many meat brands," Brand Cellar’s Andrew Harrison told the telegraph.

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