Following a decade in the recruitment industry, Aimee launched Career Cake to provide online video platform for individuals and businesses to help with their personal and professional development.

After seeking investment in London and Silicon Valley, Aimee was warned about the limited prospects Wales would offer as a base for a tech company. She sought Development Bank of Wales as not only a source of funding but also an organisation that understood the value of creating business in Wales.

The funding provided by the Development Bank of Wales primarily allowed Career Cake to ramp up its video production. But with increased production came increased need for sales, so Aimee expanded the sales team to widen the company’s reach. With a bigger team and more production, Career Cake used the remaining funds to secure new offices that not only gave it the potential to grow even further, but matched the company’s culture.

Aimee said: “People we telling me ‘you cannot do this in Wales, you’re in the wrong ecosystem, you can’t run a tech company in Wales’. As a proud Welsh woman, that just made me want to do it even more. It was really important for me to find somebody within Wales so I started going to networking events and was blessed to find some investors, but everyone was talking about Development Bank of Wales and the new tech seed fund that had launched.”

Technology Seed Fund Manager Carl Griffiths at the Development Bank of Wales, said: “As forward thinking investors with patient capital, we understand the challenges of running a growing technology-based business. We always work with our customers to develop funding packages that aide continuous investment and evolution. We are particularly pleased to be continuing our investment in Careercake as they further develop their platform to help all employees to power-up and feel confident in the workplace.”

If you have a business in Wales and are looking for more information on how Development Bank of Wales could support you, please get in touch with a member of the team here.