Mac in bed

More than a third (35%) of business decision makers in the UK are losing an average 34 nights of sleep per year, according to research by Heathrow Express.

The average decision maker said they lost an average 5.27 hours of sleep per week, adding up to more than a month every year.

The poll was commissioned to mark the launch of a series of ‘Fifteen Minute Business Fixes’ clinics on Heathrow Express trains, which enables its passengers – 70% of whom are business travellers – to get advice from successful business leaders on the move to ensure their business is ready to face the year ahead.

In terms of the factors that contribute to business success – therefore helping reduce the hours of lost sleep – having a dedicated work force was deemed the most important, followed by a sense of professionalism and strong leadership.

One in ten respondents (10%) appear to buy into the image of the business world being cut-throat, stating they believe ruthlessness contributed to their personal business success, while 7% say it was due to ‘a lack of personal life’.

However, a much higher amount of respondents (43%) attribute their business success to their 'personable nature'.

The research revealed the top ten challenges faced by UK businesses going into 2016. Weathering the economy topped the list, followed by the rising cost of overheads and finding qualified staff. The full list was:

  • Weathering the economy
  • The increasing cost of overheads
  • Finding qualified staff
  • Standing out in a crowded markets
  • Innovating new products and services
  • Raising funds for investment
  • Understanding the next generation of consumers
  • Entering new international markets
  • Market regulation
  • Patenting ideas
Heathrow Express director, Fraser Brown, said: "Business advice doesn't have to be lengthy and detailed; sometimes it's the one liners that resonate with us and help offer a new perspective on the challenges we face. There's no point losing sleep over a problem that could be solved by talking it over with someone more experienced.

“January is a great time to take a step back and evaluate where your business is and where you want it to be going – and if we can offer a little help on your journey with us, so much the better.”