By Jonathan Davies

The World Economic Forum in Davos should be used to push global trade deals over the line, the CBI director-general has said.

Speaking ahead of the Forum which takes place this week in Davos, Switzerland, John Cridland said: “The UK economy is in good shape. Whilst the pace of growth is set to cool slightly, we can expect to see solid growth this year and next.

“However, businesses are facing a choppier global backdrop. Falling oil prices should be positive for the global economy, giving a welcome boost to household incomes and lowering costs for firms, but major oil exporters and producers are being hit hard. The struggling Eurozone, which is now in deflation, is likely to remain sluggish for some time and looming political challenges, with Greek elections on the horizon, could further dampen growth prospects.

“So it’s all the more important that we seize opportunities for growth and investment. That means getting large international trade deals over the line - like the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and an agreement between India and its biggest investor, the EU.”

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