By Daniel Hunter

Responding to David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative Party conference today, Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors, said:

“Businesses up and down the country will welcome the Prime Minister’s recognition that they are the driving force behind the economy, creating jobs and putting money in people’s pockets. But they will be looking for him to match the sentiment with action. If tax cuts aren't dirty, let's have a few more of them. If profit isn't elitist, let's allow businesses to keep a little more of it.

“By reducing the tax burden, the Prime Minister will throw down the gauntlet to businesses to increase investment in new products and services, take on new staff and secure the economic recovery.

“Governments must accept that to reduce the tax burden and unleash business they have to shrink the size of the state. Downsizing the state will supersize the economy - this is the economic prize politicians should be grabbing with both hands.”

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