By Maximilian Clarke

A Cabinet Manual explaining how government works has today been published by the Prime Minister a part of a drive to increase understanding of government, helping to boost transparency and democracy.

"It is essential that people should be able to see what their Government does and have the opportunity to scrutinise it,” said Cameron. “The Cabinet Manual will help this to happen by further opening up politics and ensuring the Government is more accountable. Above all, it provides a greater insight into how Government works."

The Manual brings together a whole range of sources in one place — including the relevant parts of the ministerial code, internal Government procedures, common law and key legislation. And although its focus is very much on the working of central Government it also covers government’s relations with other bodies so there are chapters on Parliament, the Judiciary, devolved administrations and local Government, reflecting the dynamic nature of British democracy.

Also commenting on the release of the landmark document is Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell:

“Good Government is crucial to us all; it impacts on everybody’s lives and touches on everything we do. Yet up until now there has been no obvious reference tool for all those who work in the centre of Government.

“The Cabinet Manual changes that. For first time everyone in Government and all those with an interest in its workings will have a reference guide immediately to hand. This is not a written constitution, nor is it an attempt to rewrite the rules of Parliament - but rather an attempt to provide a clear and thorough guide to Government.”

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