By Daniel Hunter

Central London colocation data centre, City Lifeline, has today (Thursday) revealed that although 80 per cent of IT personnel consider the management of their data resources to be critical to their company, over a third lack confidence in their current data centre solutions.

Furthermore, despite 72 per cent stating that if they lost their IT for the day it would have a damaging effect on business, only 75 per cent of IT personnel said that operational uptime was critical. A shocking contradiction when it has been revealed that businesses lose 300,000 hours and £2bn in total each year due to unplanned downtime.

The findings reveal grey areas in the knowledge of data centres, demonstrating that the theory of information safekeeping is solid but the practicality and responsibility is misplaced.

“With data operations and management being the life blood of businesses today, the fact that so many organisations lack confidence in their data centre operations is very concerning. It is imperative that a business has a data centre solution they can trust, whether in-house or external," Roger Keenan, managing director at City Lifeline said.

“There also seems to be a disconnect between thinking and doing. Although most businesses are aware of how critical their data resources and operations are to the company and know the devastating effect any sort of IT loss would have, uptime isn’t prioritised by a surprising number of people. The very success of data centre mission critical operations relies on uptime — it is concerning that this isn’t more recognised.”

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