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Retail sales fell 0.9% in June as wet weather deterred shoppers from spending their money on summer essentials.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that despite the decline in June, sales were 4.3% higher than in June 2015.

There was some positive news for retailers, with the Queen's 90th birthday and Euro 2016 giving shoppers at least some reason to head to the shops. But that did little to offset the mood as rainfall set in for much of the British summer.

The statistics agency said there was no early evidence of any impact from Brexit towards the end of the month.

However, analysts believe there will be a further slowdown in retail sales in the coming months as consumer confidence takes a hit following the vote to leave the EU. Earlier this month, market research GfK said consumer confidence had fallen by the sharpest rate for 21 years in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

Jeremy Cook, chief economist at World First, said: “The UK consumer is a hardy beast but it looks like the beast tightened its belt into and after the Brexit vote. While the majority of this data was taken pre-23 June, some wasn’t and this will raise concerns about the UK growth machine moving forward. The UK’s recovery since the Global Financial Crisis has been one of consumption with savings ratios depressed and consumer credit expanding; there is little further to push this bubble however in a landscape where wages are likely to remain depressed and confidence low.”

Keith Richardson, retail managing director at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, said: "June's unseasonable weather, combined with distractions of the referendum and the continued downward spiral in prices, was a perfect storm for retailers.

"Fashion was hit hardest as the wet weather did nothing to boost sales of summer clothes following an equally poor spring and a very mild winter. Unfortunately, this all adds up to a disaster for the fashion industry."